Wallbox Pulsar 7.4kW 7 Metre Tethered Wall Mounted Charger – Black


Price Includes Standard Installation

Experience the sleek power of the UK-based Wallbox Pulsar Wall-Mounted Charger. With its compact design and formidable 7KW capacity, this black charger is a dynamic addition to any space. Harness the convenience of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and take control through the intuitive smart app.

Start, stop, or schedule charging from anywhere while monitoring your energy consumption effortlessly. Increase savings by syncing with your smart energy tariff, ensuring charging occurs during off-peak hours.

Elevate your eco-friendly initiatives by integrating with existing solar panels or battery storage. Enjoy seamless integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for ultimate convenience.

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Price includes standard installation*

UK-based Wallbox Pulsar offers a compact design with lots of power.  This 7KW black charger comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled so you can easily control via the smart app.  App features allow you to start, stop, and schedule charging remotely as well as monitor your energy usage.  Also, available in a 5-meter cable length option.

Tie in with your smart energy tariff to charge only when the prices are lowest.  Also integrates with your existing solar panels for maximum savings (required purchase of Wallbox solar integration package). Compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant!

*Standard Installation Includes:

  • Cable run up to 10 metres
  • Able to use existing consumer unit with surge-protection
  • Drilling through one wall up to 20cm thick
  • Ground level working (no ladders needed)
  • Inside cabling in trunking up to 3 metres
  • No groundworks or digging involved


We will perform a pre-installation survey using photographs and details of your electricity supply.  If we determine that additional parts or labour are required, we will contact you prior to installation to discuss.

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