Investing in a charge point for your business can be a big decision. At Affordable EV Charging Solutions, we have trained professionals who can help you find the right chargers to fit your needs and your budget. Whether you are trying to attract and retain the best employees or offer an additional incentive to potential customers, we can offer the best charging solution at the right price.

Affordable EV Charging Solutions are proud to be a certified installer with Rolec. Offering a wide range of commercial EV charging solutions, Rolec and Affordable EV Charging Solutions will work together to ensure you get the ideal EV chargers for your business both for now, and for future growth. We offer comprehensive site inspections to make certain we have clear understanding of your infrastructure and charging needs. Our team can help guide you to select the perfect business EV charger, and will get commercial EV charger installation quickly, safely and professionally.

From 7kW wall mounted or pedestal chargers, all the way up to super-fast 240kW DC chargers – we have a solution that will provide you, your employees and your customers with reliable, high-speed charging for years to come.



Attract and retain the best employees

Attract new customers by offering public charging

We offer universal chargers that will work with any electric vehicle

We can provide either free / paid charging depending on your needs

Helps your company on it’s path to zero net emissions

Quick, reliable and professional installation from our team of experts


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Key benefits of commercial EV charger installation

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and positioning the company as environmentally responsible.
  • Providing convenient access to charging stations encourages the adoption of electric vehicles among employees, contributing to a greener commute, enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Beyond the environmental impact, installation of commercial ev charger will attract talent, bolster corporate social responsibility efforts, and position the company as an industry leader.
  • This strategic investment of commercial EV charger installation aligns with evolving trends, supports employee well-being, and reflects a commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.
  • Commercial EV charger installation helps to attract more customers to your business by offering a rapid EV charging facility and generating more sales every day. We also can provide EV chargers which allow you to generate income through their usage.

Why Install Commercial EV Charger at Your Business?

At Affordable EV Charging Solutions, you get turnkey commercial EV charger installation services to transform your business parking into a convenient charging station. While people are rapidly adopting this sustainable and cleaner mode of transportation, you can contribute to the evolving EV charging network by installing EV chargers at your business locations.

  • Realise the potential of the EV charging market by installing commercial EV charger at your business and earn extra income in every month.
  • Business stops are the best accessible charging destinations. Commercial EV charger installation premises will significantly raise your footfall and add value to your business.
  • Exhibit your commitment to future sustainability by installing a EV charging station at your business property and strategically get ahead of your competitors.
  • Increase your revenue by generating income from your business with commercial ev charger installation.

Our Bespoke Commercial EV Charger Installation Services

We install EV charger at business cost-effectively by offering a wide range of customised services.

  • Our team of professional EV installers evaluates the parking space of your business to design a tailored commercial EV charging station.
  • Based on the EV charging station design, we carefully plan the most efficient process for commercial EV charger installation with equipment and electrical components catering to your specific charging requirements.
  • We offer service and maintenance packages including an annual inspection of your EV chargers to ensure they are operating efficiently to their maximum potential and identify any charging or safety issues.
  • We carry a wide range of equipment to support repairs from major to minor issues at your business EV charging station. At Affordable EV Charging Solutions we understand the need to get your employees and customers charging their vehicles as quickly as possible.