Pay in installments with PayPal


Compatible with EV tariffs such as Octopus Intelligent Go


Get installed in less than one week*



Quick, reliable and professional installation from our team of home EV charger installers

Full warranty offered on all new home EV charger installations

Integrate your charger with solar or other green energy for maximum savings

Combine with an EV friendly tariff and schedule a charge when it’s cheapest

7kW or 22kW chargers for increased charging speed, reliability and convenience

Smart Charging Apps and Wi-Fi enabled chargers allow for on-the-go control of your charging experience

How Does Our Home EV Charger Installers Work?

  • Our team of expert home EV charger installers will complete a pre-installation survey with you in order to evaluate the installation space at your property and understand your EV charging needs. We will review your current energy usage, electrical mains capacity, cable length and route, in order to determine the safe installation of your EV charger at home.
  • We will offer a choice of chargers that are suitable to your home, vehicle and specific charging needs, so that our home EV charger installers can provide the safest, most-economical and reliable charger for your electric vehicle at home.
  • We can offer a smart charging solution integrated with solar or wind technology to provide the cleanest and most inexpensive energy source to power your vehicle.
  • Our expert home EV charger installers can complete most installations in a matter of hours so you can start charging instantly.
  • Our installation process ensures that our technicians will thoroughly test the charge to your vehicle before leaving site so you can be assured that your setup has been completed safely.
  • All of our charging solutions are available with smart apps allowing you to track your usage and schedule charging for when it’s most economical. Our expert home EV charger installers will assist with setup and training to ensure you are comfortable using the system.

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Economical Home EV Charger Installation

Installing an EV charger at home now becomes easy with Affordable EV Charging Solutions! Our efficient fast EV chargers let you charge your electric vehicle when it’s not being used from the convenience of your own home which means it’s ready to go when you are!

With our experienced home EV charger installers, we can offer you cost-effective home EV installation services. We are catering to the EV charging needs of EV owners across the Midlands including Northampton and Milton Keynes.

If you are planning to own an EV or already own one, let our expert home EV charger installers assist you in installing the right type of home EV charger for hassle-free, economical and reliable charging every time. Let us help you make the switch to sustainable transportation with confidence.


Why You Need EV Charger at home?

While you can own an electric vehicle without having a fast charger installed at home, you may find relying solely on public chargers frustrating at times. EV ownership works best as you can charge the vehicle while you’re at home so that it’s fully charged and ready whenever you need it. While the public charging infrastructure is improving all the time, even the fastest chargers may take an hour or more to charge an empty EV, and they are often out of order or occupied with other vehicles when you need them most.

At Affordable EV Charging Solutions, you get the most out of EV ownership with the help of our home EV charger installers. With our reliable home EV charger installation service, get a reliable fast charger in no time at your residence. Enjoy driving out with peace of mind by your own EV charger. Let us help you to find the most suitable charger that will work with your needs and budget. At Affordable EV Charging, “we charge less, so you can charge more”!

What Are The Benefits Of Having An EV Charger Installed At Home?

  • We work with our suppliers to ensure we are offering the newest and most innovative technology available. Our highest rated chargers can fully charge your electric vehicle up to 10 times faster than a standard 3-pin plug.
  • Our bespoke charging solutions are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are compatible with all EV models.
  • We can integrate an electric vehicle charger into your existing solar or wind-generation system. This allows you to maximise savings by using the electricity you are generating to power your vehicle.
  • We offer a full range of service and maintenance packages for all electric vehicle chargers (even those installed by other companies). Packages include an annual inspection and report from one of our expert Technicians.
  • If you experience a fault with your charger, our team of experts can get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We are equipped with a wide range of parts in order to complete repairs as efficiently as possible.

Why Consider Our Home EV Charger Installers?

  • We work with top quality manufacturers to install the latest EV chargers that will allow you to experience faster and hassle-free charging from the convenience of your own home.
  • Our team of expert home ev charger installers will help you identify the right charger based on your home’s electricity supply, type of vehicle and your charging usage.
  • Our highly trained home ev charger installers will complete your installation efficiently, thoroughly test the equipment and provide you with full training before leaving.
  • All of our installations come with a 12 month warranty.
  • We use a premium range of chargers equipped with the latest technology that require minimal preparation and steps for installation which means we can complete your installation faster.
  • Our innovative at-home EV charger installation services ensure you can power your vehicles safely.  We emphasize user-friendly charging solutions with state of the art apps that will allow you to control and monitor your charging directly from your mobile phone.
  • We bring the most affordable home EV charger installation services without compromising on the quality and safety of the chargers.

*Subject to approval from electricity provider which can sometimes cause delays.