MyEnergi Zappi 22kW 6.5 Metre Tethered Wall Charger – Black


Buy our widely used MyEnergi Zappi Tethered Charger design in black, which can be seamlessly installed and operated in your home’s or workplace’s parking. Evolved and made in the UK, this is considered the best and most convenient home charging option today that allows you to charge any EVs through the power grid and solar energy. It is a Zappi tethered version charger that comes with a 6.5-metre cable. It is configured from 7KW to 22KW to let you charge your EV according to the availability of your electricity supply.

This innovative MyEnergi Zappi EV Charger is a priceless addition to your home or workplace as you can conveniently power your EV using energy-saving modes. The Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity with EV charger lets you operate it at your fingertips via the MyEnergi app.

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Considered one of the best EV chargers with solar panel integration, MyEnergi Zappi Tethered Charger is your ideal home charging option! This one allows you to set your EV with the power grid and solar panels, whichever suits your needs at the time. This versatile charging unit is compatible with a wide range of plug-in vehicles and is easy to mount and operate on the wall.

Key Highlights of the MyEnergi Zappi Tethered Charger:

  • A black-coloured and sleek design EV charger that offers zero installation hassle on the wall and needs minimal space.
  • 22KW power capacity with intelligent charging options.
  • Easy to integrate with the home’s solar panels and offers the convenience of powering your EV with a 100% cleaner energy source.
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity enabled, which helps you access and control the charger remotely through the MyEnergi app.
  • It has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, reducing your maintenance cost.


Get hold of the simple plug-and-go MyEnergi Zappi Tethered Charger and be a part of the eco-smart technology! This UK-made home charger system simplifies your EV charging experience by flawlessly integrating with your existing home energy ecosystem. Buy this future-proof Zappi charger at an unbelievably low price with installation assistance.