MyEnergi Zappi 7.4kW Untethered Wall Charger – White


MyEnergi Zappi is a leading provider of convenient and cost-effective EV charging solutions. Made in the UK, this compact and sleek charger is considered one of the top-rated home chargers. It’s a 7KW white home charger with an LCD screen that offers ease of use to EV drivers. With MyEnergi Zappi’s Untethered charger, charge your electric vehicle faster and cost-efficiently using greener energy without worrying about installation complexities. With Zappi installation guide and expert installation services, have this smart home charger installed in your home quickly in no time and start charging your EV.

This home charger of 7KW is the trusted choice of EV owners today, and you can mount it anywhere outside your home at your convenience. This next-gen MyEnergi Zappi charger helps you create a sophisticated charging station in your home or apartment without any significant electrical upgrades and hassles of installation!

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It’s time to fast charge your electric vehicle with the MyEnergi Zappi Untethered charger. This intelligent charger is compatible with most mainstream EVs and enables you to charge your cars at your home, residential complex, or workplace using greener and cleaner energy. This charger is also super simple to integrate with your existing solar energy panel for a cleaner and renewable energy source for powering your car.

Key Highlights of MyEnergi Zappi Untethered Charger

  • 7KW home charger with LCD touchscreen functionality that offers ease of use and convenience.
  • Easy integration with low-cost energy traffic and cleaner solar energy panels that help you optimise your energy expenses and savings.
  • A simple plug-and-go feature ensures hassle-free charging anytime at your home or workplace.
  • This high-end smart charger is fully conceptualised, evolved, and designed in-house in the UK.
  • It comes with remote access and control through Wi-Fi, which helps charge your EVs and schedule everyday charging sessions effortlessly.
  • A 3-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided with the charger, which gives you peace of mind.


If you want smart home EV charging convenience using cleaner energy and spending lower costs, look no further than MyEnergi Zappi Untethered charger.

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