Ohme Home Pro 7.4kW 5 Metre Tethered Wall Charger – Black


This powerful next-generation EV charger featuring a sophisticated design and LCD touchscreen is valuable for money and a must-buy if you own an EV. Ohme Home Pro Tethered Wall Charger offers an excellent charging experience, letting you start, end, and set a charging schedule according to your preferences. You can connect and operate this tethered charger with an intelligent app and select your charging schedule per your energy tariff and preference.

A standard installation package is included with this purchase. We ensure quick installation of this powerful EV charger in your home without requiring you to purchase any additional equipment. Tethered with a 5-meter type 2 cable, this Ohme home charger is compatible with all usual EVs with type 2 connectors.

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This Ohme Home Pro Tethered Wall Charger is the perfect addition to your home for EV charging, which takes up no space! It’s an intelligent charger with an exceptional charging experience with the Ohme app. You can control the charging at your fingertip on the app – start, stop, and schedule your upcoming charging sessions according to the energy tariff and cheaper electricity availability. With the Ohme app, you also monitor and control your charging sessions according to your preferences.

Key highlights of Ohme Home Pro Tethered Wall Charger:

  • Easy control and access to the charger at the touch of your fingers
  • Built-in PEN fault device
  • 2G/3G/4G connectivity enabling seamless operation of the app
  • Green Score feature for tracking CO2 consumption
  • Setting up a max price per cap per kWh
  • Effective load balancing
  • Over-the-air or live updates on EV charging sessions
  • Scheduling charging and desired battery charge percentage
  • Energy-tariff integration

This out-of-the-box and powerful 7.4KW charger by Ohme is what you need today to charge your EV effortlessly while optimising electricity consumption and cost savings. Also, offering a 8-meter length option.

Order your smart home charger, and we will help you with the pre-installation analysis and installation procedure of this smart charger in no time.

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