MyEnergi Zappi 22KW Untethered Wall Charger – Black


Price Includes Standard Installation

Experience the latest in modern charging with the MyEnergi Zappi Untethered Charger. Effortlessly blending into any setting, its classy design caters to a diverse range of electric vehicle models. This intelligent charger optimises energy consumption, prioritising off-peak hours to increase savings.

Its unique feature lies in compatibility with renewable energy sources like solar panels and battery storage, further reducing your carbon footprint. With a robust 22kW power rating and versatile 3-phase design, it’s the ultimate choice for eco-conscious charging solutions, whether residential or commercial.

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Price Includes Standard Installation

Witness the latest in modern charging technology with the MyEnergi Zappi EV Charger 22KW in pristine white. This smart charger adapts to your energy requirements and reduces charging times to take advantage of off-peak hours. Monitor household or business energy consumption efficiently while charging your EV.

Compatible with renewable energy sources like solar panels, the Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger seamlessly integrates surplus solar energy. Now, minimise your carbon footprint precisely and efficaciously. With a robust 22kW power rating and versatile 3-phase design, it effortlessly meets residential and commercial charging demands.

  • Intelligent Energy Management: Monitor and optimise energy consumption, ensuring your electric vehicle charges during off-peak hours for significant cost savings.
  • Renewable Energy Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with solar panels to utilise surplus energy, reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on grid electricity.
  • Versatile Charging Solution: A robust 22kW power rating and adaptable 3-phase untethered design suits residential and commercial EV charging requirements.
  • Modern Design: Enhance your space with an elegant white finish that effortlessly blends into any environment, offering style and functionality.


Get your hands on MyEnergi Zappi Untethered Charger, the pinnacle of eco-friendly and affordable EV charging solutions.

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