Powerverse VCHRGD Seven 7.4kW Untethered Charger


Reliable, robust and fast!  The new Powerverse VCHRGD seven offers the lastest in fast 7.4kW charging with a smart app powered by AI.  Maximise your savings with solar integration.

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Price Includes Standard Installation

Presenting the VCHRGD Seven by Powerverse.  This robust, reliable 7.4kW untethered charger is the latest offering and features solar compatiblity.  Featuring a smart app from Powerverse that’s powered by AI to help you maximise your savings when charging your electric vehicle.   Simple to use, fast charging and a universal socket make this charger a great fit for your home or business.  Comes with a full year warranty on parts and labour, and a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on the charger.

  • 7.4kW Fast Charging
  • Powerverse smart app with built-in AI
  • Type 2 Socket for universal compatibility
  • Schedule charging for whenever the electricity is cheaper
  • Wi-Fi and bluetooth enabled for smarter communication
  • Solar Compatible
  • Dynamic Load Balancing


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