Rolec Zura 7.4kW Dual 5 Metre Tethered Charger – Black


Introducing the ROLEC ZURA Tethered Charger—the smart, versatile EV charging solution for a wide range of EV models! It’s packed with advanced features and provides up to 7.4kW of fast charging, ensuring a smooth charging experience for EV owners.

Equipped with dual charging outlets, the ROLEC dual EV charger is the much-needed charging solution for homes or businesses with more than one EV. Though this black and sleek charger looks top-notch, it has multiple customisable covers to choose from. This makes the charger aesthetically appealing, making it look cool and vibrant when mounted on the wall.

It’s time to shop for this progressive and scalable ROLEC Zura Tethered Charger and add value to your EV charging experience.

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No more relying on commercial EV charging stations; install the versatile ROLEC ZURA Tethered Charger with dual charging capabilities. With 7.4kW fast charging speed, you can power your EV in just a few hours and make it ready to go miles for your work or any road adventure. Its simple plug-and-charge method, easy installation method, and seamless control via mobile app make it a popular EV charging solution in today’s sustainable landscape for businesses and homes.

Key Highlights of ROLEC ZURA Tethered Charger:

  • Perfect for fast charging one or two EVs at homes or businesses
  • Seamless plug with 5-meter tethered charger for a convenient charging even through smart mobile app
  • Easy to integrate into any power source, including Solar PV, battery storage or even wind turbine system
  • PME fault detection (i.e., no earth rod required)
  • Dynamic load balancing (i.e., CT clamp and cable included)
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible for operating through voice command
  • Easy mounting on the wall or post with the independent backplate
  • Fast charging with AC 30mA Type A and DC 6mA protection
  • OCPP 1.6 compliant and can be integrated with any back-office
  • Cable lock feature, which enables the users to lock the charger if needed permanently
  • Dual tamper and breach security notification
  • A wide range of customised facades available for aesthetic appeal
  • 4G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity


Affordable EV Charging Solution offers this smart and futuristic ROLEC ZURA Tethered Charger at a reasonable price and installation assistance. Be ready for an unparalleled EV charging experience every day with this revolutionary ROLEC dual EV charger unit. Say goodbye to worries and anxiety about running out of charge and power your EV at your convenience!

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