Rolec Zura 7.4kW Dual Socket Untethered Charger – Black


Price Includes Standard Installation

Create a future-ready charging point by buying the RolecZura untethered chargers. With dual sockets, WiFi, 4G, or Ethernet connectivity, use this versatile, sophisticated charger with sought-after elegant features. Not just that, this wall or post-mounted charger boasts customizable aesthetics never seen before. So, not just black- get any colour or print you want.

The charger provides up to 7.4kW superfast charging and is designed to meet domestic and commercial needs. So, whether you need to charge overnight at home or during the day while working, this charger is convenient for everyone. Stay high on charge. Built with progressive technology, this sleek charger can be used to switch your charging needs today.

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Price Includes Standard Installation

Available with dual outlets, this cutting-edge charging technology is perfect for households or firms with multiple EVs looking for quick charging. Equipped with smart technology and wide-ranging advanced features, it ensures an effortless and economical EV charging process.

Key Highlights of Rolec Zura Untethered Charger:

  • Get this charger in the wall and post-mounted options, with independent back plates, making it convenient for home or commercial use.
  • Depending on the app you use, you can use wind or solar power for domestic charging. You save money on energy bills and go eco-friendly as well!
  • The charger has cable lock security features, making it safe to use even when you are away from the car.
  • The Rolec ZURA EV chargers are compliant with 1.6 OCPP standards. They are easy to use, allowing users to plug them in for charging or use their smartphone for control.
  • It has a PME fault detection system, so the charger installation doesn’t need an earth rod.
  • The EV charger is integrated with App Control, Plug & Charge, or RFID operation, making it adaptable. This eliminates the need for external identification and allows automatic billing or communication.
  • It comes with WiFi, 4G, and Ethernet connectivity so that users can pass time and have options to pay for charging efficiently. It is also a streamlined method of managing EV chargers remotely.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, expect an awe-inspiring product with undeniably unique features. The Rolec ZURA dual socket charger is a low-maintenance and inexpensive solution. Purchase your charger, and we will help you with pre-installation work soon.

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