Tesla 3rd Generation 22kW 7 Metre Tethered Wall Charger – White


Buy the next-gen EV charging experience with Tesla’s 3rd Generation EV Wall Charger, which is made with sophisticated design and robust features. Use this powerful charger to power your EV, whether a Tesla or non-Tesla car. Equipped with WiFi connectivity, it lets you start and stop charging or schedule the charging of your EV through the Tesla app.

This wall connector is one of the most convenient and efficient home charging options today that lets you plug your EV overnight and get it charged fully before you take it out the next day!

It is a tethered wall charger with approximately 7m cable, which allows charging your car anywhere in the parking space. This high-tech and powerful Tesla charger is easily configurable from 7KW to 22KW, and you can use it according to your available electricity supply. This smart wall connector charger is exceptionally sleek and lightweight, which makes it suitable for mounting anywhere inside or outside.

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Tesla 3rd Generation EV Wall Charger is a state-of-the-art home charging solution that allows charging of widespread EVs regardless of whether they are Tesla or non-Tesla models. Featuring smart technology and a host of advanced features, this makes EV charging completely stress-free and cost-effective.

Key highlights of Tesla 3rd Generation EV Wall Charger:

  • This wall charger charges up to 44 miles of range after an hour.
  • It has higher vehicle compatibility as you can charge both Tesla and non-Tesla cars.
  • This advanced Tesla 3rd generation EV wall charger is a versatile charging solution that integrates with any home electrical supply, ensuring seamless installation in any home, apartment, or condo.
  • This next-gen Tesla wall charger is operated and controlled through the Tesla app after it’s connected to WiFi.
  • It allows you to schedule your charging at your convenience or off-peak hours to optimise power consumption.
  • The wall connector charger offers charging access control, allowing you complete control over which EVs to charge.

Simplify your EV charging experience with this affordable Tesla 3rd generation EV wall charger and a low-maintenance charging solution. Order your charger today, and we will conduct a pre-installation evaluation before installing!

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